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There’s some good news for those of you that have naturally curly hair! It’s time to get excited, because curly hair is finally back in fashion. This means you can pack away all of those hair straighteners you have invested in. However, ladies, if you don’t have naturally curly hair, don’t worry, because there are some pretty good curling irons currently on the market. In fact, the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret Review (available in a beautiful plum purple) can help you solve those hair curling problems.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret Review

Are you the type of person that likes using hassle free products? You know, products that are easy to use every morning (or evening) while styling your hair. When it comes to hair styling tools, I personally look for something that is easy to use, is capable of keeping the style all day and something that will last for many years. Those are my three features I must have and that is why I did so much research on the Infiniti Pro.

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Suitable for All Hair Types

Conair claims that this product right here is suitable for all hair types. This means that if thick, frizzy, naturally curly, thick, and thin hair will do just fine with this product. Unfortunately, however, this curling iron isn’t going to work on very short hair. In order to use this curling iron, your hair should be a minimum of 6 inches long, which is basically touching your shoulders. Also, it reaches some high temperatures, so it’s not going to work on hair extensions (both synthetic and real).

How to Use the Curling Iron

Using the curling iron is really easy! Mind you, don’t try to use it on wet hair, because it is not designed for wet hair.
Honestly, I have to tell you this, because I have read some real horror stories online in regards to women using the curling iron on their wet hair, so please don’t do this.

how to curl hair infinity pro conairhow to curl hair infinity pro conair

You Can Use a Straightener Firstinfinity pro conair curl review

In order to create celebrity-style curls, wash, dry and comb your hair. Some women prefer using a straightener first and this is a good idea, especially if you have really thick hair.


Easy to Use

I understand, you may be confused when you look at this curling iron and it may be hard to get the hang of when you first use it. However, once you are able to grasp the technique, you will do just fine. With this iron, there’s no turning, no twisting or wrapping your hair around a super hot rod. When you turn the curling iron on, it’ll take about a minute to heat up. When it’s ready, simply grab a section of your hair, and place it in the curling iron. Yes, it really is that easy to style your hair.

All you have to do is place a small section of your hair (at the root) inside the device. It feeds the hair into the curl chamber for however long you have the device set for. Once it is done, it gives you a double beep. Gone are the days when you had to guess whether or not you were done with a strand of hair.

Imagine releasing the clamp and finding a beautiful spiraled curl bouncing down your shoulders. Mind you, the curls will be rather tight, but that is okay, because if you want a looser wave, all you have to do is brush them.

I found, with this device, the more hair you put into it, the more gentle the curl effect will be. For example, if you take strips of hair that are about ¼” in diameter, you’re going to end up with a pretty cool looking corkscrew effect. If you have thicker hair, you should put less hair in the curler.

What Others are Saying

At the time of writing this Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret review, there were a total of 2,652 reviews posted on Amazon, giving this product a total of 3.8 out of a possible 5.0 stars,with more than 50% of the users giving it 5 stars. It got 3.8 stars, because a couple of reviewers didn’t take the time it takes to adjust to use it. As for those that used it more than two times and took the time to learn how to use it, they seem to be pretty happy with the product.

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Once you have used the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret a couple of times, you’ll be surprised at how well you have adjusted to it. The outcome? Beautiful celebrity-looking curls. Would I recommend this product to my friends? Of course I would, or I wouldn’t be recommending it to you.

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