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top 5 best hair straightening brush of 2017

As a woman, and I’m probably not the first to admit this, we all seem to want what we cannot have...

..Back in the day, I had a friend that had super curly hair. I always told her how beautiful it was and how I wish I could get my hair that curly, yet, there she was, trying to figure out ways to get the curls out of her hair. Those natural curls were beautiful to say the least.

..Back in the day, I went through a phase where I wanted nothing but curly hair and always complained about my str8 hair. Now, I have grown out of that phase and want my hair to be even straighter than it is right now. Do you see what I’m getting at? When it comes to our hair, we always want what we don’t have( God damn you psychology).

Achieving straight hair hasn’t always been easy –we have gone through some torturous methods just to change the way our locks looked. Now, today, we are lucky, because we have been introduced to hair styling products like the modern flat irons (improved) and hot combs – all claiming to be safer and easier to use than the traditional methods.

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Today, I am going to give you a list of my List of Best Hair straightening brushes of 2018.

I have spent hours fiddling with these hair straightening brushes, reading their manuals(who reads them ? I do!) and testing them, before coming to this list.This Top 5 list is definitely worth seeing and product number 3 is one I cannot get over! But first,



  • 360-Degree Rotation
  • 60 sec heat up time
  • Low maximum temperature
  • Not recommended on wet hair




  • Best for Short hair
  • Super quick heating
  • Not for Very Long hair
  • Bad Button placement




  • Super Quick heating
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • A little bit heavy
  • Power and Temperature buttons are little near




  • Easy temperature control
  • Easy handling
  • Gets extremely Hot
  • Need to Clean Regularly




  • Heats up in under 1 minute
  • Military grade material used
  • Not for short hair
  • Expensive than other brushes


What to Look for in a Hair Straightening Brush

Hair straightening brushes are used to make you feel like a princess with super straight hair. Some girls mayconfused the brush with a straightening iron, so please don’t do that.

Yes, both of them have similar functions, but in the long run, if you always use the straightening iron, it can damage your hair. I personally like the hair straightening brush because they are safer for the hair and are a great way to get smooth hair. More girls are starting to use them because they are useful and convenient.

As an added brush, due to the size, you can carry them around wherever you go. Being that there are so many different ones to choose from, choosing the perfect one can be complicated. Today, I am going to give you some tips on what to look for before buying a new hair straightening brush.

The Handle

To start with, you want to take a look at the handle. I personally prefer a handle that is cushioned, because this makes it comfortable.

Boar or Nylon Bristles

Many girls prefer boar or nylon bristles because this helps keep the hair smooth, without hurting the scalp.

Ceramic Technology

Ceramic plates are known for releasing negative ions, making your hair smoother andshiner.

Tourmaline Technology

Like in ceramic technology, tourmaline plates also release negative ions. Plus, when a hair straightening brush has tourmaline plates, it won’t take as long to heat up. This is perfect if you are always in a rush.


Of course, the cord is something else you need to look into. Most girls prefer hair straightening brushes that have a longer cord on them. Moreover, we like cords that have a swivel, because this makes the entire process of straightening the hair easier.


The cost is definitely a crucial factor. You need to find products that fit your budget. However, you don’t want to go too cheap as it could end up costing you in the long run.

When it comes to choosing the best hair straightening brush, it can be complicated, especially if you’re not familiar with the industry. For this reason, in the next section of this guide, we’re going to point you towards the top 5 straightening brushes …(imaginary drumrolls please..)

TOP 5 Hair Straightening Brushes of 2018

ASAVEA Straightening Hair brush - Best Detangling brush

If you have thick, wavy hair, then this brush is a must have for you because it sure does beat having to spend 20 minutes detangling the hair. Besides the sleek design, there are a variety of features that make this straightening brush stand out from the crowd.

features of asavea hair straightening brush
Asavea hair brush review best

The features include:

  • The Material: If you are looking for a tool that is light in weight, then you’re going to like this one. It is made from top of the line DuPont plastic, so when you are using it, you won’t feel that heavy strain on your wrists.
  • The Size: There are some hairbrushes that are large, making us wonder how girls use them, then there’s others that are so small making us wonder how girls use them. However, when it comes to this one right here, it is just right – it’s not too large or too small. We believe it is the perfect size and should be able to fit comfortable in your hair.
  • Shape of the Head – If you have curly hair, then you are more prone to tangles and knots. The head is shaped like a rectangle, making it easy for detangling hair. It will easily run through your hair and untangle the knots, without pulling.

We also feel the need to discuss the color – the picture of the brush is what originally caught my attention and made us want to look at the brush. We feel that the color combination of black and red adds a nice charm to the appearance. The red strands are beautiful as they stand out against the dark background.

So there you have it, if you have wavy hair that has a tendency to get tangled, Asavea is the best option for you as it is capable of eliminating those tangles in no time at all.

APALUS Hair Straightening Brush - Best Anti-Frizz brush

If you have frizzy hair that is hard to manage every morning, then we would recommend the Apalus hair straightening brush.

Comes in striking green and Black too !

apalus hair brush review

Apalus hair brush front

When I first looked at this model, I immediately noticed the sides – they’re straight and not rounded like some of the other models currently on the market. Since they are straight, if you want to curl the ends of your hair out or under, you can do so – kind of like you would with a flat iron, except you won’t be damaging your hair.

Here’s some more cool feature of the Apalus:

  • Head Massage – The head massage function is really cool. This function is great for stimulating your hair follicles.
  • Quickly Heats Up – If you’re the type that is always in the rush, then this feature will come in handy. All you have to do is turn it on and within 60 seconds, it’ll be ready to use.
  • Auto Shut Off – The auto shut off feature is something we really like. If you leave it on by accident, it will automatically shut off in one hour.Accurate Temperature Control – The accurate temperature control makes it easy to set the brush to the temperature that is best for your hair.

Point blank, if you’re the type of girl that has frizzy hair and would like to quickly tame it so that you can be on your way, the Apalus hair straightening brush is a viable option. The Apalus offers accurate temperature control so that you do not damage your hair, is capable of reaching its maximum tip within 60 seconds and has a nice head massage function that stimulates hair follicles. All of those features is the reason the brush is at the top of our list of the best hair straightening brushes to buy.

FEMJOLIE Hair Straightening Brush - TOP Pick - Best for African-American Hair

The Femjolie hair straightening brush is a combination of a comb, brush, massager, and straightener, all in one. So, if you’re looking for an all-in-one tool, this one right here might be a viable option. Before you go out and buy it, have a look at the features so that you can determine whether or not this brush is for you:

femjolie hair straightening brush features

Femjolie brush features

femjolie color brush review

Comes in 3 color options!

  • Anti-Frizz Technology –The one feature that we feel makes this brush stand out from the crowd would be the nice anti-frizz technology. For this reason, the brush will work great on a wide variety of lengths and thicknesses.
  • Heats Up Fast – Another feature we personally like would be the fact that the Femjolie brush heats up really fast. In less than three minutes, it can heat up to 450 degrees. If you have curly hair and you’re trying to straighten it, this feature will work great.
  • The Cord – The fact that this cord rotates as you turn the brush is good – this is one of the features we told you you should look for when you’re trying to find the best hair straightening brush. The cord is over six feet long, which makes it easier.

So there you have it, yet another good hair straightening brush that will do exactly what you want it to do, without any gimmicks. The Femjolie is perfect for eliminating that frizz, it heats up fast, is good for all hair thicknesses and lengths and the six foot cord rotates. Really, you cannot go wrong with this one right here.

Their Customer service is also worth mentioning.Some Amazon reviewers who had some bad experience had been contacted by the founder of the company itself and also got their product replaced.

BESTOPE Hair Straightening Brush - Safe and Portable

The Bestope hair straightening brush just so happens to be another hair straightening brush that has earned its spot on this list of the best hair straightening brushes and for good reason. This is a high quality, yet simple brush that will help you get the sleek, shiny hair you have been dreaming of. The anti-scald feature is useful and the negative ions help reduce the frizz, while the thermos plates smooth the cuticles.

bestope nasv lcd review features

Comes with an LCD panel and a firm handle

bestope hair brush review bristles

Built in Ionizer technique for softer hair

Here’s a look at some of the other features of the Bestope hair straightening brush:

  • Stimulates Healthier Hair – This hair brush straightener is great for hair that is prone to knotting. It will not only solve those knotting problems, but it will also reduce pain and repair your hair quality. For the best results, we highly recommend that you use additional moisturizing products in order to keep your hair healthy.
  • Temperature Control – With this hair brush straightener, you can easily control the temperatures. The temperate will be displayed on the easy to read LED screen. Using the adjustable heat temperatures, you will be able to adjust it in order to match your hair type.
  • 3-in-one Function – While you’re simply looking for a hair straightening brush, with the Bestope, you’ll have a detangling brush, ceramic iron straightener, and an anion hair massager. All of this is useful for creating gorgeous hairstyles with ease on only a couple of minutes.

The Bestope is also portable, so you can take it along with you while you’re traveling. Looking at the safety design, it’s obvious that the designers had safety in mind. The temperature control guarantees an anti-scald massage.With the Bestope hair straightening brush, you can’t go wrong. It’s great for on the go styling as it can heat up to 365 degrees F in only one minute.

DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush - Best of All brushes

As of right now, it seems as if the Dafni hair straightening brush is the most popular one currently on the market – looking online, I find so many girls that are talking about it (don’t worry, they’re saying all good things). The Dafni brush was created by an Israeli company using the highest quality materials possible and it only takes a couple of seconds to reach the desired temperature.

best hair straightening brush Dafni

Dafni Brush features

dafni hair brush review best

Amazing tranformation using DAFNI

  • Springs Under Each Bristle – That’s right, there are springs underneath each bristle. This means that when you use it, the springs will prevent you from hurting your scalp.
  • Won’t damage Your Hair – This brush isn’t going to damage your hair, even when it’s using high temperature.
  • De-frizz Your Hair – If you want to de-frizz your hair, the Dafni hair straightening brush will do just that. It can defrizz and smooth those luscious locks, without making it look as if your hair is made of straw.
  • Heated Bristles – Each one of the bristles are heated, along with the base itself. This way, you will get the straightening results faster. Before you use this hair straightener, you will need to brush your hair first in order to get the tangles out, then you can use the Dafni to smooth out the texture of your hair.

This brush is unique because it is made of a one of a kind aluminum structure that has been inspired by a nice heat-sink CPU cooler – this is something that you would find in a desktop controller. This allows the user to get fast results while brushing the hair.

The Dafni hair straightening brush would be a viable option if you are looking for a brush that is comfortable, easy to use and quickly heats up. When you look online at the different Dafni hair brush straightening reviews, you will find videos of actual people using this product. I recommend you taking some time to watch them so that you can see the beautiful results you can achieve in only a couple of minutes.

Frequently Asked Question about Hair Straightening Brushes

Question: Can hair straightening brushes be used on African-American hair?

Answer: Most of the hair straightening brushes can be used on African-American hair. Before purchasing the brush, just make sure you check in order to make sure it can be on all hair types. When using the brush, section your hair so that the brush can reach all parts of the hair. Yes, this sounds like a lot of work, but believe it or not, it will save time.

Question: Will a hair straightening brush damage my hair?

Most hair straightening brushes currently on the market have been designed so that they do not damage your hair. This is why they make great alternatives to the traditional hair straighteners. Using the hair straightening brush, it is safer and easier to go from super curly hair to beautiful straight hair, because you’re not ironing your hair between a couples of plates.

Question: Can I burn myself?

Whenever heat is being used, regardless, you need to take caution. If you’re not careful and do not follow directions properly, then you could burn yourself. It is important to remember that while most of the hair straightening brushes have been designed with safely in mind, it is still a heated appliance, just like a flat iron or curling iron. So, when using a hair straightening brush, you need to use caution so you do not burn your hands, fingers or scalp.

Question: What about the Dafni? Will the hot surface of that hair brush straightener burn my scalp?

The Dafni hair brush straightener has a total of 44-spring loaded insulators that are places on top of the bristles. Those were placed there in order to protect the users scalp from coming in contact with the hot surface, allowing the individual to use the brush freely. Each insulator will make sure the hot plate stays a safe distance from your scalp. However, it is important to take note of other parts of your body, such as your hands, face and ears – if those just so happen to come in contact with the hot surface, it will burn.

Question: How long will it take to straighten my hair with a hair straightening brush?

The amount of time it takes to straighten your hair with a hair straightening brush will depend on your hair type – wavy, curly, thick, thin. However, most hair types are capable of being straightened in a matter of minutes. Basically, if it takes 1 minute to brush your hair with a normal brush, then that is the amount of time it will take to straighten your hair.

I hope I tried to help you in choosing your new hair straightening brush.But if you still have a query, contact us through our email id, or through the form on this site.

If you have any Quetions, please post in the comment section Below.This was Samantha, thanks for reading my article.​

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