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How to straighten hair without Heat

straight hair without heat

Hair straightening tools have come a long way from simple detanglers to full-blown heated brushes that makes straightening as quickly as possible. Some are even designed specifically to cater to African American hair, or handle frizzy hair. Many hair straightening tools even have advanced technology to prevent hair damage. But if you prefer not to […]

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5 Tips to save Hair from Heat & Irons

save hair from heat tips products

​It’s understandable if you’re a fan of flat irons, curlers, blow dryers, hair straighteners, and other heat-infused hairstyling tools. They’re effective and allow you to produce a variety of hairstyles that your hair type couldn’t naturally achieve. However, heat damage is the cost of using these tools regularly. The good news though is that you […]

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4 Stupid simple steps to know your hair type(with Images)

know your hair type andre walker

A person’s natural hair type has been a debatable topic for ages. Fashion mags, hairstylists, fashionistas have created different ways to categorize hair, making it impossible to determine your hair type. Unfortunately, this also meant that hair products used by men and women alike may be the wrong kind for their hair types and could […]

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