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News flash: Do you know those textured strands you spent so long trying to achieve throughout the years? Well, it’s time for them to step out of the way, because there is something more sleek moving in! Do you have a hair straightener sitting there, collecting dust? If not, you need to buy one right now!  The Droiee Hair Straightener brush would be a great option as it can create those straight, beautiful locks like celebrities are walking around with.

If you have watched celebrities walk down the red carpet, you probably know what I’m talking about when it comes to their beautiful straight locks. Take Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow as examples – they are well known for their shiny straight hair. Apart from having celebrity stylists do their hair, what are their secrets?

Girls who have naturally straight hair are envied by those curly-haired ladies, but just because they have hair without curls, this doesn’t mean they are frizz-free – frizz is still something that are faced with. A good blow-dryer and a good straightening product is required for those truly silken tresses,even for african american hair,trust me to get salon styled straight hair at home.

For those of you that are faking that super straight hair look using straightening irons, then it is important that you have a good heat protecting product because those beautiful locks aren’t going to stay straight very long if you are frying them on a frequent basis.

Find the Right Sized Hair-Iron for Your Hair Type

You should think of your flat iron as if it were a pair of shoes – one size does not fit all. The size you choose will depend on the thickness and length of your hair. By choosing the right size, you will be able to straighten your hair more efficiently and eliminate the risk of damaging those beautiful locks.

For long hair: Use a flat iron that has plates that are wider. The plates should range in size from 1 ½-inches to 2-inches wise. This way, you will be able to cover more surface in a little bit of time.

For short hair: Use an iron that has narrow plates. The plates should range in size from ½-inch to 10inch thick. This way, you will be able to use it on smaller sections.

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Choose the Right Metal Material of Flat Iron Straightener

Not every flat-iron is created equal. When you’re shopping for a flat iron, go for one that is made of tourmaline, ceramic or titanium metals because these are the one that are gentle on your hair. These metals release negative ions that tighten the cuticle, making your hair look less frizzy, shiny, and healthier. Plus, these flat irons heat more evenly.  On another note, you should stay away from the irons that are coated with Teflon[See on this forum] because they will heat unevenly and give off a drying effect, which is certainly not something you want.

Make Sure You Properly Prep Your Hair

Once you have selected the proper hair iron, the next step to take involves prepping your hair to withstand the heat. Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Use a lightweight volumizing shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. A good shampoo to use would be Rene Furterer Volumea Volumizing Shampoo, but there are many amazing ones out there.
  2. While your hair is still damp, apply volumizing mousse that has built-in heat protection. I personally like Nexxus Thermal Volume Volumzing Heat Protection Mousse.
  3. After you have applied the mousse of your choice to your damp hair, blow dry your hair using a round brush to lift the roots (this will ad volume).
  4. Use a natural bristle brush to smooth your hair from the mid-shaft all the way to the ends.

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For Thick/Course Hair

If you have thick/course hair, you should follow these steps:

  1. Start off by washing your hair with smoothing shampoo and conditioner like Morocconoil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. When your hair is still damp, apply a smooth serum with heat protection in it, like Style Pureology Smooth Protection Smoothing Serum.
  3. Blow dry your hair and brush it thoroughly with a natural bristle brush. Apply tension to your hair as you brush it, making it as straight as possible.

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Things You Should Avoid before Straightening Hair

Broken Hot Tools – You should never use chipped or broken hot tools. Doing so can be dangerous to both your hair and your health.

Using the Tool Everyday – When you use the tool every day, it can dry your hair out, making it dull and brittle.  Therefore, you should avoid using it every day.

Don’t Iron Your Hair When It’s Wet – Of course, when your hair is wet, or even damp, you shouldn’t use a normal hair iron. Doing so is only going to cause your hair to fry. This may come as a no-brainer, but I have talked to many girls that didn’t know this – they thought it was perfectly fine to use a hair straightener in their hair when it was wet. If you really have to, they make special irons you can use on wet hair.

On an ending note, don’t forget to clean your hot tools. I recommend cleaning them once a week using lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Doing this is going to eliminate any product that has built up on the plates. If you’re looking for salon styled straight hair at home, follow my advice and you should be happy with the results.


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