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Various Argan Oils

Christmas is around the corner, but there is still enough time to go hunting for gifts. There is no better season to give and express your feelings of love and with the right gift; you will definitely manage to make people who matter to you feel special. If you are a man looking for the perfect gift for your partner, sister or a special female friend, the choices are numerous. But the fact is that any woman would appreciate a hair care gift. Hair means a lot to women and you would be saying that you care about how she looks, and you are willing to give her a good experience with a good hair care gift this Christmas.

What to consider before buying the gift for her

Before you even get into the gift selection process, there are a few things that you should consider. First, her type of hair. The different products out there are designed to meet different hair needs. For instance, there are products that are solely for dry hair, whereas others are for wavy, natural or damaged hair. She might need different products if she has brittle or frizzy hair and you need to have this in mind if you want to be a bit specific with what you buy in the end. But of course, there are products and tools that are great for all types of hair and they might make your gift finding process a little smoother.

The quality of the hair care gift you are about to buy should also matter. Women are very sensitive when it comes to hair and the last thing you want is to choose a product that is poor in quality. Poor quality products may end up damaging hair or doing very little to improve it and you really don’t want to be responsible for that especially in an important season like Christmas. You are better off sticking to products that have a good reputation as far as quality goes.

The price of the gift is also a good factor to consider. However, you might just end up spending a little more, especially on high quality and top end hair care products. Ensure therefore, that you know the number of ladies you wish to buy gifts for and plan your budget so it covers the gifts effectively. With such a huge range of gift options available, you can find a mix of inexpensive and expensive gifts to match your recipients and budget.

The delivery should also be considered especially if you are getting gifts that need to be shipped to where you are or to the recipients. Ensure that you do the shopping on time, so there is time to have them shipped and delivered for Christmas. Check out how long it will take if you are shopping online to have the gifts delivered. There is a lot of convenience with online shopping but it is also important to ensure that everything will work to your advantage.

Hair Care Gift options

Oils and shampoos

hair shampoos and oils

Earthly Body Marrakesh frizz control oil – This is among the best hair care gifts you can get for a lady who has to deal for frizzy hair every day. The oil contains natural oils that control frizz so hair is easier to manage. You can also find other products from the same brand designed to make hair management blissful for any woman.

Dessange Paris purifying clay balancing shampoo – This is a very affordable, high quality shampoo that is very helpful for oily roots. It cleanses roots that suffer under excess oil bringing back bouncy volume. Under the same product line you can try a pre-shampoo mask that works very well with the balancing shampoo for oily hairs.

Virgin USDA Organic Moroccan Argan Oil – This oil will make a very good gift for damaged hair. It works on uneven texture, breakage, split ends and hair that generally appears lifeless. It will help her start growing healthy strands. It is also affordable and will not cost you as much to impress her.

Fekkai Hair refresher dry shampoo – It is an amazing product for fine hair. It improves texture and hair hold without necessarily weighing it down as many products in the market do. The dry shampoo under this line is a little expensive compared to other brands, but the quality makes it worth in the end. Hairspray under this brand would also make a very good selection for ladies with fine hair.

Shu Eumura moisture velvet Masque– The brand is among the most expensive you will find in the market, but it has very good range of products you can buy for her. The moisture velvet shampoo quenches hair strands, leaving them with a velvety feel that is simply soft to the touch. Under the line you can also choose conditioner, texture wave dry finishing spray and volume maker invisible powder for texturizing.

Hair tools

various hair tools to gift for christmas

various hair tools to gift for christmas

XTAVA professional curling iron – This 5-in-1 hair curler will be appreciated as a gift by any woman. It has 5 different barrel sizes made of ceramic to create varying hair looks. The swivel cord is sizeable enough and rotates during use. It also has an auto shut off function and is travel friendly.

HSI Professional flat iron – It is a ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron that also comes with a free pouch and glove. The flat iron heats to about 400F and has a dual voltage for compatibility. Give her an easy time handling hair with this iron.

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Conair Tourmaline hair dryer – The ceramic hair dryer offers 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings so that she can achieve desired results in different circumstances. For regular hair flow, this hair dryer also features a diffuser.

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Hair gift sets

Redken gift set for her

Paul Mitchell special shampoo gift set – The gift set is made up of natural tea tree oil special shampoo, firm gel and conditioner. The conditioner and shampoo are full sized and the combo comes in a very attractive packaging box to give you an easy time putting your gift together.

Redken all soft gift set – The brand has products that are a bit expensive, but the quality is superb. This gift set contains shampoo, extra hold hair spray and conditioner. It is an all butter line you can trust to impress the woman you are gifting.

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IGK friend with benefits texture and shine set – The kit caters to all types of hair and contains the Smoke & Mirrors 2 in 1 conditioner, Beach Club texture spray and anti-frizz leave in conditioner from Mistress. It is definitely a hair care gift set that you cannot go wrong with.

Hair accessories

Slip pillowcase – It is the perfect gift for keeping hair in perfect condition even when she sleeps. Unlike a regular cotton pillowcase that dries hair and twists roots, the Slip Pillowcase is pure silk to gently treat hair when you sleep. You can be sure her hair will in the morning be as fresh as when she went to bed.

Invisibobble – This is another great hair accessory to help her care for hair easily. It ties the hair firmly and applies uneven pressure to the ponytail so there are no pesky kinks and that tight feeling many have to undergo with hair ties.

Microfiber towel – Terrycloths are not as reliable in absorbing water and this means women rub hair too much thus damaging it and leaving the hair frizzy. A great alternative is the microfiber towel made from synthetic fibers thinner even than silk strands. The towel is good, especially for curly hair and makes an ideal gift for her. Make an impression on her with a Deva towel no matter her hair type.

Making the gifting process easier

If you are a man looking for the perfect hair care gift for her, the options are numerous. You can choose from the wide range of hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, hair foods, sprays and even hair straightenening irons and dryers among many other hair products. If you have the privilege of knowing what type of hair she has and what hair products she loves, then your search for the best gift will be made even easier. There is also a long list of hair accessories that you can choose from and hair extensions if you trust you know what her preferences really are.

You can try to find out more about her preferences without selling your intentions out. If you can use a close friend of hers, then you will also be better off in selecting hair care products she is bound to love and find useful for her hair.

Just like any other gift, ensure that you go the extra mile to package and box whatever you choose attractively. Do not make it obvious to her so that she will be thoroughly impressed when you finally present the gift to her. For convenience when buying online, ask whether it is possible for the store to package the gift for you and even have it delivered if that is what you would rather do.


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